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Oil Reset Procedure GMC C2500 1999

Oil Reset Procedure for GMC C2500 1999



Easy to follow oil reset procedure for GMC C2500 for the year 1999.



GMC C2500 oil reset procedure for the year 1999

1. Turn ignition to the “RUN” position and immediately press and release the accelerator pedal 3 times within 5 seconds.

2. If the light flashes twice the system is reset.

3. If the light comes on and stays on for 5 seconds, the system did not reset.




About GMC C2500

The Grabowsky brothers, Max (1874-1946) and Morris Grabowsky, founded the “Grabowsky Motor Company” in Detroit in the year 1900. The company was later renamed the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company in 1902 after the Grabowsky brothers moved their operations to Pontiac, Michigan. The Grabowsky brothers are credited with being the founders of the GMC brand. Rapid Motor Vehicle Company became a subsidiary of William C. Durant’s General Motors Company in 1909 after Durant gained control of the company and made it a part of General Motors.

In 1911, General Motors established the “General Motors Truck Company” and subsequently absorbed Rapid and Reliance Motor Car Company into it. Rapid and Reliance Motor Car Company was another early commercial vehicle manufacturer that Durant had purchased in 1908. In 1912, both the Rapid and the Reliance brands were discontinued in favor of the “GMC” moniker. The entire truck manufacturing process for General Motors was moved to the location in Pontiac, Michigan that formerly housed Rapid Motor Plant 1.

1997 marked the end of production for the 20-series, which was derived from the “Rounded Line” pickups produced in 1973. In its place, GM Brazil introduced the Chevrolet Silverado, which was manufactured in Argentina. In contrast to the previous two generations of Chevrolet trucks sold in Brazil, the Chevrolet Silverado did not feature a design that was exclusive to that market. Instead, the Silverado was an exact replica of the GMT400 pickup sold in the American market. The Silverado was only available as a two-door C2500 with a standard-length bed and was equipped with locally-sourced powertrains. These powertrains included a 138 hp 4.1 L inline-6 (from the previous C-20/A-20 and the Chevrolet Omega) and a 168 hp 4.2 L turbodiesel inline-6 that was produced by MWM.

The manufacturing of the Chevrolet Silverado moved from Argentina to Brazil for the 2000 production year. In conjunction with the discontinuation of the Grand Blazer and the introduction of the more compact S-10 Blazer, the Silverado received the D-20 suffix (from the popularity of its predecessor).

The designers, who obviously believed that GMC’s best-selling truck deserved several options for first-class engines, and we agree with them, created this truck. Even though the carryover Vortec 4.3-liter V6 remains the standard engine in the pickups, the Sierras can also be outfitted with one of three brand new potent V8s. The 255 horsepower-producing Vortec 4800 V8 is the direct replacement for the Vortec 5000. In addition to that, there is a 5.3-liter V8 that produces 270 horsepower. In order to maintain its hauling performance over time, the 5300 engine, just like the 4800, has a long and relatively flat torque curve. And last but not least, a 6.0-liter V8 with 300 horsepower is available for purchase. These three new gasoline engines are based on the 5.7-liter LS1 engine that is found in the Corvette. However, instead of using aluminum blocks, these new engines are constructed out of cast iron. Additionally, all three of these new engines produce between 10 and 25 more horsepower than the engines that they are replacing. After the first of the year, consumers will have access to a 6.5-liter turbo-diesel V8 engine that features an astounding 440 foot-pounds of torque in addition to 215 horsepower.

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