Citroen Evasion 1997-2002 KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry Programming Procedure



How to Program Citroen Evasion KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry for the year 1997 and 2002.

Re-initializing Procedure

Note. If battery is replaced inside key fob or if key fob buttons are operated repeatedly whilst vehicle is out of range and central locking / alarm system becomes inoperative, carry out the following reinitializing procedure.

  • Switch the ignition to the “ON” position
    • Wait for alarm system LED to turn “OFF” (if LED fitted) or wait for approximately 10 seconds (If LED not fitted)
    • Within 30 seconds: Press either the “Lock” or “Un-lock” button on the key fob


KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Citroen Evasion 1997-2002


  • Within 10 seconds: Press either the “Lock” or “Un-lock” button on the key fob.
  • Ensure alarm system LED (if fitted) turns “ON” for a split second.
  • Key fob is re-initialized.
  • Repeat above procedure to re-initialize any remaining key fobs.
  • Confirm operation of key fob by locking and unlocking vehicle using key fob buttons.


About Citroen Evasion

The first generation Eurovans were marketed as the Citroën Evasion (Citroen Synergie in the UK), Fiat Ulysse, Lancia Zeta and Peugeot 806. The second generation models were all renamed, except the Fiat Ulysse, with the nameplates now Citroën C8, Lancia Phedra and Peugeot 807.

The first generation Eurovans were introduced in June 1994. They are smaller than American vans, like the Chrysler Voyager, which is also available in Europe. In contrast to the Toyota Previa, and like American minivans, they had sliding rear side doors, a trait they share with their commercial siblings. While the Voyager also came in “Grand” versions with elongated body and wheelbase (and the Espace followed suit in 1997), the Eurovans only came in one size. (Source Wiki)

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