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KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Citroen Relay 2002

KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure-Citroen Relay 2002

Citroen Relay 2002 KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry Programming Procedure


How to Program Citroen Relay KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry for the year 2002


Re-initializing Procedure

Note. If battery is replaced inside key fob or if key fob buttons are operated repeatedly whilst vehicle is out of range and central locking / alarm system becomes inoperative, carry out the following reinitializing procedure.

  • Switch the ignition to the “ON” position
  • Press and hold the “Lock” button on the key fob for approximately 10 seconds


KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Citroen Relay 2002


  • Release the lock button
  • Switch the ignition to the “OFF” position
  • Wait for approximately 5 seconds
  • Key fob is re-initialized.
  • Repeat above procedure to re-initialize any remaining key fobs.
  • Confirm operation of key fob by locking and unlocking vehicle using key fob buttons.



About Citroen Relay

New Sevel produced version,  Peugeot called it Boxer while Citroën named it Jumper (Relay in the United Kingdom). One engine option was a Fiat 2.5 L diesel, which was replaced with 2.8 L Iveco/Sofim engine in 1998.

The Ducato Goods Transport has a payload of 12 m cubed and comes with a choice of four engines: the 2.0 petrol, 2.0 JTD, 2.3 JTD 16v or 2.8 JTD. All of these conformed to the Euro 3 standards and offered programmed maintenance management. The range included two types of gearbox: a mechanical box with a five-speed manual plus reverse and an automatic transmission with four speeds plus reverse.

The Ducato Passenger Transport has a carrying capacity of six to nine people and comes with the 2.3 litre JTD 16v engine, which again is Euro 3 compliant and delivers 110 bhp.

The Ducato Combi is a mixture of the Goods Transport and the Passenger Transport. It is ideal for the transport of people and goods alike, and it can accommodate up to nine occupants. Model designations were Ducato 10 (1 ton), Ducato 14 (1.4 tons) and Ducato Maxi 18 (1.8 tons).

The second series was restyled in February 2002, with the addition of rear and side bump mouldings and revised front grille. The engine range was: 2.0 JTD, 2.3 JTD 16v and 2.8 JTD, 2.5 diesel was dropped. Model designations were changed to reflect maximum gross weight: Ducato 29 (2.9 tons), Ducato 30 (3.0 tons), Ducato 33 (3.3 tons) and Ducato Maxi 35 (3.5 tons).

On 15 December 2005, the three millionth vehicle was produced, which resulted in the rate of production increasing to nine vehicles per day. This generation is also produced at the Fiat Auto Poland Tychy plant in complete knock down, at the Iveco plant in Sete Lagoas (Brazil), at the Karsan plant in Alkaçar, Turkey since 2000, and since 2006 in Elabuga, Russia (Fiat-Sollers)

The Ducato, Jumper and Boxer have been produced in Brazil until December 2016. (Source Wiki)

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