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Oil Reset Procedure: Chevrolet Trax 2015-2022

Oil Reset Procedure Chevrolet Trax 2015-2022

Oil Reset Procedure for Chevrolet Trax 2015-2022




Easy to follow oil reset procedure for Chevrolet Trax 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.




Chevrolet Trax oil reset procedure for the year 2015.

1. Turn ignition to the “RUN” position.

2. Press the “MENU” button on turn signal lever to display “REMAINING OIL LIFE”.

3. Press “SET/CLR” to reset to 100%.

4. Turn ignition off.

Chevrolet Trax oil reset procedure for the year 2015 through 2016.

1. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position

2. Then you hit the MENU button and it’ll show you the oil can with percentage. So it’s not going to automatically detect what your oil life is it just goes by the kilometers

3. To reset it, we’re going to press this SET/CLR button and we’re going to hold that and we let go, and then it goes back up to 100%

Chevrolet Trax oil reset procedure for the year 2017 through 2022.

1. Fire up the car
Turn it all the way on and so the lights are on

2. Highlight the VEHICLE tab
Then you’ll start by hitting MENU button to clear any message and then you’ll want to hit MENU until you get to the VEHICLE tab instead of the Trip menu

3. Find the OIL LIFE
Once you get to the Vehicle menu, you may have to scroll up or down to get to where you need to be which is the remaining OIL LIFE

4. Hold in the SET/CLR button
At that point, you push the button on the end of the stalk the SET/CLR button

5. Select YES
You’ll be prompted whether to do the reset or not, so go ahead and scroll up to YES and press SET/CLR to confirm

Chevrolet Trax oil reset procedure for the year 2021.

1. Turn the ignition to ON/RUN with the engine off.

2. Using the DIC controls on the right side of the steering wheel, display REMAINING OIL LIFE on the driver information center (DIC).

3. Press SEL or SET/CLR (check mark icon on some systems) on the DIC controls and hold down for a few seconds to clear the CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON message and reset the oil life at 100%.

Or you can also try this procedure.

1. Turn the ignition to ON/RUN with the engine off.

2. Press the DIC MENU button on the turn signal lever to enter the Vehicle Information Menu.

3. Use the thumbwheel to scroll through the menu items until you reach REMAINING OIL LIFE.

4. Press the SET/CLR button (on some models, the check-symbol button) while the oil life display is active.

5. After a few seconds, there will be a single chime (on some models) and the oil life will be reset to 100%

6. Turn the ignition to LOCK/OFF.

7. The system is reset when the CHANGE OIL message is off and the REMAINING OIL LIFE 100% message is displayed.

Or this procedure.

1. With the engine OFF, turn the ignition key to RUN.

2. Fully press and release the accelerator pedal slowly three times within five seconds.

3. Turn the key to OFF, than start the vehicle.




About Chevrolet Trax

Since 2013, General Motors has marketed the Chevrolet Trax as a crossover SUV under the Chevrolet name. The first generation model was debuted in 2013 as the brand’s smallest, entry-level crossover SUV offering. GM Korea concentrated development and manufacturing in South Korea. In North America, it was renamed the Buick Encore, and in Europe, it was known as the Opel/Vauxhall Mokka. The vehicle was marketed as the Chevrolet Tracker in numerous markets, and as the Holden Trax in Australia and New Zealand. For the 2015 model year, the Trax was made accessible in the United States and Canada.

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