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Oil Reset Procedure: Mazda 5 2013-2015

Oil Reset Procedure Mazda 5 2013-2015

Oil Reset Procedure for Mazda 5 2013-2015



Simple to follow oil reset procedure for Mazda 5 for the year 2013, 2014 and 2015.



Oil Reset Procedure for Mazda 5 for the year 2013 through 2015

1. Turn the IGNITION OFF.

2. Step and hold the Gas and Brake Pedal together.

3. While still Pressing the Gas Pedal and Brake Pedal, Turn the Ignition On, Don’t release until the Service Reminder Light Flashes multiple time. (note: it takes 25-30 seconds before the Service Light Flash while pressing the Gas and Brake pedal together.)

4. Turn the Ignition OFF, then start the engine to verify the Oil Service light is gone. (note: you can turn off the ignition after 4-5 flashes on step 3.)

Or you can also try this procedure;

1. Press And Hold The TRIP BUTTON With The Ignition Switched Off, Then Switch It On. Keep Pressing The TRIP BUTTON For More Than 5 Seconds.

2. The Master Warning Light Will Flash For A Few Seconds When The Reset Is Completed.





About Mazda 5

The Mazda5 is a hidden treasure that offers a wide variety of features that are unparalleled by any other vehicle currently available on the market. It is an alternative to larger and more expensive minivans and SUVs thanks to its sliding side doors and its capacity to seat six people. The compact footprint makes it easier to move around and find parking, and the numerous windows offer a nice view of the outside world. Having a handling that is both nimble and agile means that it does not sacrifice being fun to drive.

Nevertheless, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The performance of the four-cylinder engine may suffer on hills or when carrying a heavy load. The higher the noise level, the less substantial it may feel in comparison to some of the larger alternatives. The Mazda5, in contrast to larger minivans or three-row SUVs, does not have the capacity to carry six adults along with their luggage. If you want to have room for cargo, you can only carry a maximum of four passengers.

The Mazda5 has responsive handling, a comfortable ride, and a relatively quiet interior in addition to delivering the utility of a minivan in a package with the agility, maneuverability, and economy of a small car. It also has better fuel economy than a small car. In spite of the fact that it achieves a respectable 23 miles per gallon on average, the 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine feels underpowered when towing heavy loads or ascending steep hills. On the other hand, the accessibility and visibility are both very good. In addition, the Mazda has flexible seating that can accommodate four passengers along with their luggage, or it can fit up to six people if they don’t bring much with them.

Mazda Premacy is a passenger minivan produced by the Japanese automaker Mazda from 1999 to 2018.

The first generation Premacy was manufactured in Japan and distributed throughout Europe and Asia. Ford sold a rebadged version as the Ford Ixion or Ixion MAV in a few Asian markets (including Japan).

Outside of Japan, the Mazda5 is sold since the second generation. From 2007 to 2011, Ford Lio Ho in Taiwan, which assembles Mazda5 for the local market, rebadged the Mazda5 as the Ford i-Max.

The first generation Premacy was a two- or three-row, five- or seven-passenger vehicle, whereas the second generation adds a third row of seats for up to six passengers in American form and seven passengers outside of the US. Near-flat floors, a folding or removable second row, and fold-flat rear seats are standard on both generations.

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