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KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Renault Clio II 1998

KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure-Renault Clio II 1998

Renault Clio II 1998 KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry Programming Procedure



How to Program Renault Clio II KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry for the year 1998

Re-initializing Procedure – Radio frequency key fobs only

Note. If key fob buttons are operated repeatedly whilst vehicle is out of range and central locking / alarm system becomes inoperative, carry out the following re-initializing procedure.

  • Ensure the ignition switch is “OFF”
  • Press and hold in the central locking button inside the vehicle for a minimum of 5 seconds
  • Vehicle doors should “Lock” and then “Unlock”
  • Immobilizer LED illuminates
  • Press the “Lock / Unlock” button on the key fob


KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Renault Clio II 1998


  • Immobilizer LED turns “OFF”
  • Key fob is re-programmed.
  • Repeat above procedure for the second key fob
  • Confirm operation of key fobs by locking and unlocking vehicle using key fob buttons.



Programming Procedure

Note. If the central locking / alarm system is malfunctioning or a replacement key fob is obtained. The following programming procedure is required to be carried out before the key fob will operate correctly.

  • Replacement key fobs can only be programmed using diagnostic equipment
  • Refer to the iKEYS software for further information.

Note. A maximum of 2 key fobs can be programmed to the vehicle.



About Renault Clio II

Development of the X65 commenced in 1991, a year after the May 1990 launch of the Clio. In 1992, Pierre Beuzit became project manager of the X65 programme. In December 1993, a final design developed under Patrick Le Quément was approved, with development for production commencing, so in 1994 Renault rented a 129,600-square-foot building in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, west of Paris. More than 600 people from Renault and its suppliers went to work there.

The X65 project team became a laboratory for Renault’s Guyancourt technical center. Forty teams were created, each responsible for a section of the car. In February 1997, management moved market launch by over 1 month from 15 March 1998 to 11 April 1998. Development ended in 1997, as pre-production units began to be constructed at Flins. (Source Wiki)

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