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TPMS Reset: Dodge Dart 2013-2016 Tire Pressure Sensor

TPMS Reset-Dodge Dart 2013-2016 Tire Pressure Sensor

Dodge Dart 2013-2016 Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS Reset

Quick to follow procedure on how to reset/relearn the TPMS service maintenance indicator warning light on Dodge Dakota for the year 2013 and 2016.

No special tools are required to perform this procedure, however a properly formatted TPMS scan tool may expedite the relearn process.

Sensor Relearn Procedure without a Scan Tool:

1. Inflate all tires to the pressure listed on the placard.

2. Drive the vehicle for at least 15 minutes at a speed of 30 MPH or more for the system to learn new sensor IDs.

Note: Vehicle may need to sit (engine off) for up to 20 minutes before driving.

Sensor Relearn Procedure with a Scan Tool:

1. Inflate all tires to the pressure listed on the placard.

2. Starting with the LF tire, use a properly formatted scan tool to scan each sensor in the following order: LF, RF, RR, LR (and full size spare if equipped).

3. Turn ignition to the ON position.

4. Connect the scan tool to the vehicle’s OBDII Port and upload the sensor ID’s.

5. Turn the ignition to the OFF position.


About Dodge Dart

The Dodge Dart was sold alongside its replacement for part of the 1976 model year before it was discontinued in the U.S. and Canadian markets. Over its original 13-year production run, the Dart earned a good reputation.

“The Dart was one of the most successful compact cars ever introduced in the American automobile marketplace,” according to R.D. McLaughlin, then vice president of Chrysler’s Automotive sales division, “It enjoys a strong owner loyalty and is a car that has established a reputation for reliability and value…these are [some] reasons why we will continue to market the Dart while introducing the new compact Aspen.”

The A-body Dart was replaced by the F-body Dodge Aspen in late spring of 1976. The compact car segment was expanded with the Omni for Dodge to compete in a rapidly changing automobile market.

These were replaced by the smaller front-wheel-drive Aries, as well as several captive import models. Dodge’s economy car segment was then filled by the Shadow and the Spirit (unrelated to the AMC Spirit), which themselves were replaced by the Neon.

After 35 years, the Dodge Dart (PF) was resurrected for the 2013 model year as a nameplate in the domestic market to replace the Caliber as Dodge’s compact passenger car. (Source Wiki)

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