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Key Programming Mercury Mountaineer 1997-2010

Mercury Mountaineer 1997-2010 Key Programming Procedure

The following are the key programming procedures for the 1997, 1998 and 2010 Mercury Mountaineer.

Mercury Mountaineer 1997


1. Put the new key into the ignition. Turn it to the ON position. The dashboard security light will flash for 15 minutes. Once the dashboard security light stops flashing, you have five minutes to begin Step 2.

2. Turn the ignition OFF and then back to the ON position. The dashboard security light will flash for 15 additional minutes.

3. Repeat Step 2.

4. Once the dashboard security light has turned off for the third time, the key will be able to function in the car. It has been programmed into the car’s computer and has replaced ALL previous electronic key codes — the computer will not recognize any other key.


1. Put the current key into the ignition.

2. Turn the ignition ON and back to OFF.

3. Remove the current key and insert the new key, turning it ON. You MUST do this within 15 seconds.

4. The security light will switch on for two seconds, confirming that the key has been successfully programmed into the vehicle.


Mercury Mountaineer 1998 +

ADD KEY (Requires two working keys):

1. Put a current key into the ignition.

2. Turn the ignition to ON, then back to the OFF position.

3. Remove the key and insert a second key. Turn it ON and back to the OFF position. You MUST do this within five seconds.

4. Before ten seconds have elapsed, put a new key in and turn the ignition ON. After one second, turn the key back to the OFF position.

5. The dashboard security light will glow for three seconds. This confirms the programming of the new key has been successful.


About Mercury Mountaineer

Ford updated its mid-size SUVs for the 2006 model year. Despite its all-new U251 platform, the third-generation Mountaineer built on the popularity of its predecessor by keeping virtually the whole appearance, unlike the Explorer. Clear lens tail lights, turn signal repeaters on the front fenders, bigger wheels, glossy silver trim on the sideview mirrors and bumpers, and enlarged Mercury emblems on the grille and tailgate were all part of the external makeover for the 2006 Mountaineer.

Since the Lincoln Aviator was discontinued, the Mountaineer became the top nameplate in the Ford mid-size SUV model range, and much of the redesign’s focus was on the interior trim and amenities to set it apart from the Explorer Eddie Bauer and Limited. The option of a DVD-based navigation system with voice control was carried over from the Lincoln Aviator; however, this system would not be available on the Explorer until 2008. Power retractable running boards (as shown on the Lincoln Navigator) were a new feature available as an option.

A 210 horsepower 4.0L SOHC V6 engine was standard on all Mountaineers from 2001. The Explorer’s 292 horsepower 4.6L Modular 24-valve V8 was also available. A 5-speed 5R55W automatic gearbox was utilized by the V6 Mountaineers. Ford designed an all-new 6-speed gearbox based on a ZF design for V8 Explorers and Mountaineers; the 6R automatic was standard on all V8 Explorers and Mountaineers.

This generation experienced very few functional modifications throughout its manufacture. Side curtain airbags became standard in 2008. In 2007, “MOUNTAINAINEER” lettering was placed to the front doors. Trailer-sway control was introduced standard on models of the Mountaineer equipped for towing in 2009. The GPS system was upgraded to include traffic flow monitoring and live updates on gasoline pricing from local service stations, which may save drivers money on petrol. Ford’s MyKey, a programmable security system intended for cars owned by multiple drivers, was introduced as a standard feature on all trim levels for 2010.

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