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Key Programming GMC Canyon 2015-2016

GMC Canyon 2015-2016 Key Programming Procedure




The following are the key programming procedures for GMC Canyon for the year 2015 and 2016.

Programming with a Recognized Key (Key Vehicles Only)

Up to eight (8) keys can be programmed to the vehicle.


1. Insert the original, already programmed key in the ignition and turn the key to the ON/RUN position.
2. Turn the key to LOCK/OFF, and remove the key.
3. Insert the new key to be programmed and turn it to the ON/RUN position within five (5) seconds. The security light will turn off once the key has been programmed.
4. Repeat steps 1-5 if additional keys are to be programmed. If a key is lost or damaged, see your dealer to have a new key made.


Program a new key to the vehicle when a recognizable key is not available. Canadian regulations require that Canadian owners see their dealer.

If there are no currently recognized keys available, follow this procedure to program the first key.



This procedure will take approximately 30 minutes to complete for the first key.

The vehicle must be off and all of the keys must be with you.

1. Insert the new vehicle key into the ignition.
2. Turn to ON/RUN. The security light will come on.
3. Wait 10 minutes until the security light turns off.
4. Turn the ignition to LOCK/OFF.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 two more times. After the third time, turn to ON/RUN; the key is learned and all previously known keys will no longer work the vehicle.

Remaining keys can be learned by following the procedure in “Programming with a Recognized Key (Key Vehicles Only).”


About GMC Canyon

The 2016 GMC Canyon is a reliable used pickup truck. There are Extended Cab variants with two and four seats, as well as Crew Cab models with five seats. The Canyon blends a high-quality cabin, strong hauling and towing capacity, and user-friendly electronics to create an appealing compact pickup truck for both urban and true cowboys.

Our used car rankings and reviews are not based on our own preferences. Instead, we gather data like as safety and reliability reports, total cost of ownership figures, and opinions from the automotive press. For this 2016 GMC Canyon review, we examined 23 professional evaluations to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Since 2007, our professional team of writers, editors, and analysts has ranked and reviewed the top cars, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. We maintain our objectivity by refusing expensive gifts and trips from automakers and using an independent agency to manage our website’s advertising.

There are approximately 570 listings for the 2016 GMC Canyon on our site. Prices range from $22,700 to $36,000, with a list price of $29,700 being the average. Prices vary based on the vehicle’s configuration, condition, mileage, features, and location.

The 2016 Canyon’s estimated five-year expenditures for petrol, insurance, maintenance, and repairs are $25,086, which is about average for the class. In comparison, the same five-year costs for the 2016 Tacoma are approximately $25,500. The 2016 Nissan Frontier is priced at $26,300.

The cost of insuring a GMC Canyon is determined by a number of factors, including your deductible, the level of coverage desired, and the kind of insurance selected. Your age, gender, region, credit score, and driving record can all influence your insurance prices. To get the best policy for you, consult our auto insurance guide.

The 2016 GMC Canyon is the third model in a series that began with the 2015 model. In 2016, a 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine was introduced, but no further alterations were made. The 2015 is a better option because it will almost certainly save you money without compromising features.

Off-road enthusiasts should look into the 2017 Canyon. It gains an off-road All Terrain X package, a new-for-2017 eight-speed automatic transmission, and a more powerful V6 engine. In addition, the teen driver mode became the norm. Having said that, the 2017 model is around $1,300 more expensive on average than the 2016.

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