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Oil Reset Procedure: Mercedes-Benz W203 C-Class

Oil Reset Procedure Mercedes-Benz W203 C-Class

Oil Reset Procedure for Mercedes-Benz W203 C-Class




Simple to follow oil reset procedure for Mercedes-Benz W203 C-Class.



Mercedes-Benz W203 C-Class

Mercedes-Benz W203 C-Class



Reset Service Indicator


1. Insert key into ignition, switch to position “1“.

2. Press buttons Mercedes-Benz 245 button 7 or Mercedes-Benz 245 buttons_2 repeatedly until the mileage is displayed within the Multifunction display.

3. Press cluster illumination button (1) 3 times in short succession. The battery voltage will be displayed and an audible signal will sound.

4. Turn key in ignition to position “2”

5. Press the up Mercedes-Benz 245 buttons_3 buttons until the service menu appears.

6. Press cluster illumination button (1) once. The Oil Type menu is displayed.

7. Use the Mercedes-Benz 245 buttons 4and Mercedes-Benz 245 buttons 5buttons to select the oil used for the service.

8. Press the up Mercedes-Benz 245 buttons_3 buttons to confirm. The display will show: “Reset Oil Confirmation. Push R-Button for 3 seconds”.

9. Press and hold the cluster illumination button (1) for 3 seconds. The message “Service confirmed” is displayed.



About Mercedes-Benz 203 C-Class

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W203) is the internal designation for a series of compact executive cars manufactured and marketed by DaimlerChrysler as the second generation of the C-Class from 2000 to early 2007, in sedan/saloon, three-door liftback (marketed as the SportCoupé and sub-designated CL203), and station wagon/estate (sub-designated S-203) body styles.

The W203 C-design Class’s began in mid-1994, and the final design was approved by the executive board in December 1995. On April 20, 1998, and March 4, 1999, design patents were filed. Testing began in 1997, and development was completed in 2000. The second generation C-Class was unveiled on March 21, 2000, and went on sale in September of that year. The sedan debuted with a selection of inline-four and V6 petrol engines, as well as inline-four and -five diesel engines. The majority of the engines were carried over from the W202, but the C 320 was unique, providing 160 kW. (218 PS). Common rail direct fuel injection and variable geometry turbochargers were added to the diesels. Except for the C 320, six-speed manual transmissions were now standard across the board. There was a version of this car made in Korea.

Mercedes-Benz debuted a coupe variant, dubbed the C-Class SportCoupé and given the internal designation CL203, in October 2000 (it went on sale in 2001). (see below). For the 2002 model year, the C 230 Kompressor was available with the M111.981 engine, a 1.8-liter supercharged inline-four producing 143 kW (192 hp) at 5500 rpm and 280 Nm (210 lbft) at 2500-4800 rpm. In 2001, the third body variant, a station wagon codenamed S203, was introduced. (Source: Wiki)

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