KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Nissan Maxima 2000-2002

KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure-Nissan Maxima 2000-2002

Nissan Maxima 2000-2002 KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry Programming Procedure

Key Fob Programming Procedure (Remote)


Programming Procedure

Note. If the central locking / alarm system is malfunctioning or a replacement key fob is obtained. The following programming procedure is required to be carried out before the key fob will operate correctly. Maximum of 4 Remotes can be programmed

  • To enter programming mode
  • Switch Ignition “ON” and “OFF” 6 times within 10 Seconds
  • After 2 Seconds the indicators will flash two times
  • Programming mode is active for 2 minutes.

To Programme remotes

  • Press and Hold “Unlock” button
  • Press “Lock” button 3 times
  • Release “Unlock” button
  • Indicators will flash once to conform programmed correctly
  • Repeat for all remaining remotes
  • If 4 remotes have been programmed the indicators will flash 3 times
  • If Less than 4 remotes programmed Switch Ignition On, Indicator lights will flash twice.
  • Check Operation of all remotes


KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Nissan Maxima 2000-2002

About Nissan Maxima

Introduced in May 1999, the 2000 model year Maxima (designated A33B) was a refresh of the previous car, designed at Nissan’s La Jolla, California design studio during 1996–1997 under Jerry Hirshberg. The engine was a 222 hp (166 kW) 3.0 L VQ30DE V6 for all versions except the SE, whose engine produces 227 hp (169 kW). The vehicle has a 0–60 mph time of 7.0 seconds. This variant of the VQ30DE was referred to as the VQ30DE-K. In this variation, there were three models (GXE, GLE, and SE). The GXE was the base Maxima. The GLE was the luxury variant and had 16 inch alloy wheels. The sporting SE models came with a rear trunklid spoiler.

This generation also formed the basis for the Infiniti I30 (a rebadged Nissan Cefiro). The European-market Maxima QX also utilized the Cefiro’s slightly different sheet metal.

The 2001 Maxima had a special edition of the SE model which commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Maxima. In addition to the usual SE content, this car had the Infiniti I30’s engine, special skirts (ground effects) all around the lower perimeter, and special touches to the interior. It also came with drilled metal “brushed metallic” pedals, a brushed metallic shifter, and stainless steel door sill plates with the name “MAXIMA” stamped into them. The optional leather interior was perforated, unlike that in the regular SE. Finally, the “SE Comfort and Convenience Package” included a sunroof and 17″ dark chrome alloy wheels.

This generation of the Maxima saw Nissan introduce a Bridgestone-made engine mount with sensors that communicate with the ECM. Many transmission-like problems such as ‘unable to shift into higher gears’ resulted from worn engine mounts triggering signals to prevent the vehicle from gaining higher speeds. This problem was not often detected by the diagnostics conducted on the transmission and ECM as they were not the cause of the problem.(Source Wiki)

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