KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Audi A4 2004

Audi A4 2004 KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry Programming Procedure


How to Program Audi A4 KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry for the year 2004


Step by Step How to Programming Instructions:

1. Insert key into ignition (NOT valet key)

2. Turn key to “ON” position, but do not start engine

3. Roll down front window on driver’s side

4. Insert second key into door

5. Turn clockwise to lock all doors, then hold the key in that position

6. Press “UNLOCK” on the first fob to be programmed, hold for 2 seconds, the vehicle lights will flash once

7. Wait 2 seconds, then press “UNLOCK” on the FOB again, the vehicle lights will flash to confirm

8. Unlock door with key (FOB will not work yet)

9. Remove key from ignition

10. Close door and test FOB.
Repeat steps 6-7 for additional FOBs to be programmed, holding the key that was inserted into the door in the lock position.

About Audi A4

Audi introduced a revised A4 in late 2004, with the internal designation of B7. Although given a new platform designation, the B7 was essentially a heavily facelifted and revised version of the B6, with revised steering settings, suspension geometry, new internal combustion engine ranges, navigation systems and chassis electronics (including a new advanced Bosch ESP 8.0 Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) system). The front grille assembly changed to a tall trapezoidal shape in the same manner as the C6 (third-generation) Audi A6; however, the dashboard and interior were virtually unchanged from the B6 aside from minor detailing.

Audi’s internal platform nomenclature uses PL46 (passenger car longitudinal platform, size 4, generation 6) for both B6 and B7 chassis. The Typ 8E and Typ 8H internal designations are also carried over from the B6 A4 range, but now have an additional identifying suffix – 8EC for the saloon, 8ED for the Avant, and 8HE for the Cabriolet.  (Source Wiki)

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