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Key Programming Subaru Baja 2005-2006

Subaru Baja 2005-2006 Key Programming Procedure



The following are the key programming procedures for Subaru Baja for the year 2005 to 2006.



You must program the remote’s unique 8 digit code into the vehicle to complete programming. A label with an eight-digit number is located on the outside of the remote. Original remotes will have this code on the circuit board inside the remote.



1. To begin sit in the driver’s side seat and close all doors including the trunk.

2. Within 45 seconds open and close the driver’s door one time.

3. Turn the ignition key from Lock to ON 10 times within 15 seconds. End in the locked position.

4. A buzzer sound and interior light may continue to flash until remote codes are completely registered. Continue to the next step even if there is no sound or flashing light. If you did not perform the previous steps with 45 seconds programming may be unsuccessful.

5. If the previous steps were completed in 45 seconds, open and close the driver’s door. An electronic tone will begin to sound.

6. Use the power lock button located on the door to enter the 8 digit code before the chime stops.

7. Push the power lock button to the lock position the same number of times as the 1st. number of the 8 digit code.
EXAMPLE: – 64241132- Press power lock button to lock 6 times.

8. When complete push power lock button to unlock 1 time.

9. Continue to enter the remaining numbers of the code using the instructions in step 7 & 8 until all 8 digits of the code have been entered.

10. When finished entering all 8 digits, push the power lock button to unlock one time and then repeat entering the code a second time.

11. When the eight digit code has been entered twice an electronic tone will sound for 30 seconds or locks will cycle. After the tone or cycle ends, start the vehicle, turn off vehicle and remove key.

12. To complete programming test remote. If remote does not lock or unlock vehicle start steps from beginning.

13. Repeat process to add any additional remotes.





About Subaru Baja

The Baja was designed in the United States by a team lead by Peter Tenn,[3] Subaru senior designer, with technical assistance from Subaru Japan. According to an interview with Tenn in August 2002, “The Baja’s outlandish appearance pays homage to rally-race trucks. It’s supposed to seem unique and unusual. It doesn’t fit into any category, which we knew going in. It’s unlike anything else on the highway. That is very important to a lot of individuals.”

The Baja closely followed Subaru’s ST-X (Sport Truck X-perimental) concept car, which was also designed by a special Subaru America design team and debuted at the 2000 Los Angeles International Auto Show. The ST-X had more features than the production Baja (power rear window, under floor storage compartment, tailgate cup holders), but it laid the framework for a four-door, car-truck hybrid based on the Outback.

The Baja had a four-door passenger compartment, a 1,040 mm (41 in) open bed, and a drop-down tailgate in a package 150 mm (6 in) longer than an Outback. The Switchback system allowed the rear passenger seat to fold down and a tiny hatch from the open bed to fold inward, resulting in an extended length of 1,900 mm (75 in) to the end of the open tailgate. A light in the instrument cluster indicated that the Switchback was “open.” The design had two stainless steel exposed buttresses behind the passenger compartment, dubbed “Sports Bars,” that served as structural reinforcement for the open bed.

tinted rear door windows and rear window; an integrated bed liner; a dual-illumination bed light; four bed tie-down hooks; molded-in recesses to receive standard 2×4’s to enable customized (e.g., bi-level) storage; standard roof rails with cross bars; a tow rating of 2,400 lb (1,089 kg), a rear seat center position rigid hinged storage compartment with integral twin cupholders, rear-seat power supply

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