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Key Programming Nissan Frontier 2002-2016

Nissan Frontier 2002-2016 Key Programming Procedure


The following are the key programming procedures for Nissan Frontier for the year 2002 to 2016





1. Close and lock all doors with the driver’s side power lock/unlock switch.

2. Insert key into ignition and remove it from the ignition key cylinder at least six times within 10seconds. Your Hazard Lamps will flash if you performed this step successfully. NOTE: Withdraw key completely from ignition cylinder each time. If this procedure is performed too fast, the system will not enter programming mode.

3. Insert key into the ignition cylinder and turn to the ACC position.

4. Within 5 seconds, push ANY button on the remote transmitter. Your Hazard Lamps should flash. NOTE: Do not press the button more than one time in the above step. If the button is pressed more than one time, the programming procedure will not be successful.

5. If there are any remaining transmitters (including the old ones), unlock then lock all doors using the driver’s side power lock/unlock switch and within 5 seconds, push ANY button on the next remote. Your Hazard Lamps should flash. Repeat this step for each transmitter (including any existing transmitters).

6. Turn the key to the OFF position, remove keys from the ignition, unlock doors using the driver’s side power lock/unlock switch and open the driver side door.

7. Test remote (s).




About Nissan Frontier

The first specialized Frontier model for the North American market, distinct from the worldwide model, was introduced on February 4, 2021 as the third-generation model for the 2022 model year. The third-generation Frontier is 5 inches (13 cm) longer than the second-generation Frontier. The vehicle is built on a redesigned high-strength steel ladder frame chassis that was carried over from the previous iteration. It is available in extended King Cab and crew-cab configurations, with rear- or four-wheel drive and cargo box lengths of five and six feet. Nissan claims the vehicle can carry up to 1,610 lb (730 kg) of payload and tow up to 6,720 kg (3,048 kg).

The trim levels include S, SV, Pro-X, and top-spec Pro-4X. The King Cab truck is available with two- or four-wheel drive and a 6.1-foot bed in S or SV trim. In the S and SV grades, the crew cab is available with two- or four-wheel drive, while the Pro-4X comes standard with four-wheel drive. Electronic locking differentials, Bilstein off-road shocks, and underbody skid plates are standard on the Pro-4X model.

This model is sold in Mexico with the D23 Frontier, which has been available since 2014. Nissan’s Mexican subsidiary confirmed its arrival in the Mexican market on August 9, 2021, as a challenger to the Toyota Tacoma and the Chevrolet Colorado. To distinguish it from the D23 Frontier, it is marketed as the “Frontier V6 Pro-4X.” It will be available for purchase on September 29, 2021.

Nissan launched a facelifted D22 Frontier for 2001 at the Chicago Auto Show in February 2000, with bolder style in an effort to appeal to younger shoppers in its second generation. The conventional cab would be phased out after the 2001 model year. North American sales and production began with Crew Cab and King Cab models, as well as a new grille, bumper, headlights, and taillights. Other body modifications included integrated fender flares and tailgates.

The D22s labeled “Frontier” had a different grille, tailgate detailing, and interior than the D22s labeled “Navara.”

After 2002, the D22 was no longer available in Japan. Due to incompatible taxation requirements and the declining popularity of pickup trucks in Japan, Nissan canceled it with no replacement, a fate shared by many of its competitors.

Egypt’s plant exports to the Middle East, while South Africa’s plant exports to African countries. Mexican production began in 2008, with the D22 truck Single Cab Chassis and Long Bed (2WD or 4WD, 2.4-liter petrol or diesel), and Crew Cab (2WD and petrol).

The D22 was upgraded in 2009 with revised external door handles.


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