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Key Programming Nissan Armada 2004-2015

Nissan Armada 2004-2015 Key Programming Procedure


The following are the key programming procedures for Nissan Armada for the year 2004 to 2015





1. Close and lock all doors with the driver’s side power lock/unlock switch.

2. Insert key into ignition and remove it from the ignition key cylinder at least six times within 10seconds. Your Hazard Lamps will flash if you performed this step successfully. NOTE: Withdraw key completely from ignition cylinder each time. If this procedure is performed too fast, the system will not enter programming mode.

3. Insert key into the ignition cylinder and turn to the ACC position.

4. Within 5 seconds, push ANY button on the remote transmitter. Your Hazard Lamps should flash. NOTE: Do not press the button more than one time in the above step. If the button is pressed more than one time, the programming procedure will not be successful.

5. If there are any remaining transmitters (including the old ones), unlock then lock all doors using the driver’s side power lock/unlock switch and within 5 seconds, push ANY button on the next remote. Your Hazard Lamps should flash. Repeat this step for each transmitter (including any existing transmitters).

6. Turn the key to the OFF position, remove keys from the ignition, unlock doors using the driver’s side power lock/unlock switch and open the driver side door.

7. Test remote (s).




About Nissan Armada

The Pathfinder Armada 2004 model was introduced on April 17, 2003, at the New York Auto Show. Developed from September 1999 to 2003 as part of Carlos Ghosn’s NRP (Nissan Revival Plan), it was led by lead designers Shiro Nakamura and Diane Allen, and main engineers Yuzo Sakita and Larry Dominique. Sakita, Allen, Nakamura, and Nissan executive management accepted a final external design by Giovanny Arroba in January 2001, with the final design freeze completed in July 2001. The platform code TA60 has been allocated to it.

Beginning in 2001, prototypes based on the Y61 Patrol were hand-assembled as mules, with the first TA60-specific prototypes produced and sent to testing in early 2002. In 2003, design patents were filed, and production began on August 14, 2003, with sales beginning on October 1, 2003.

The Armada was powered by a 5.6 L VK56DE V8 engine with 317 horsepower (236 kW) and 385 lbft (522 Nm) of torque. The engine was connected to a 5-speed automatic transmission, and the Armada could be ordered with either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Some Armadas are capable of running on E85. It is capable of towing up to 9,000 lb (4,000 kg).

The rear door handles are mounted on the “C” pillar, following in the footsteps of a Nissan design tradition that began with the 1986 Nissan Pathfinder. When Nissan released the four-door Pathfinder, it elected to conceal the door handles as part of the “C” pillar decor, making it appear like a two-door vehicle with a camper shell, with standard door handles on the front doors.

The name was changed to Armada in September 2004, and it received new badges sans the word “Pathfinder.”

A facelift was planned through 2005, and it was unveiled in early 2007 for the 2008 model year.

The most recent Nissan Armada Platinum version comes with a 9.3 GB hard drive for music storage and a CF (Compact Flash) memory card reader. The Platinum variant also includes a motorized liftgate and electric third-row seats.

The 2011 Armada dropped the SE and Off-Road trim levels in favor of a three-tiered system: SV (basic trim), SL (middle trim), and Platinum (top trim). Nissan terminated the usage of the Armada platform in the production of the Infiniti QX56 in Japan.

Bluetooth and satellite radio were made standard on all models for the 2013 model year, as was a Platinum Reserve trim option. Navigation now includes NavWeather, Zagat Survey, Bluetooth audio streaming, one USB connection, and a 40 GB hard drive. Screens for the Nissan DVD Entertainment System were installed at the back of the front head restraints.
Interior door panels were redesigned for the 2015 model year.

The Nissan Armada (TA60) was exclusively available in left-hand drive in the United States (including all US territories), Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East.

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