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TPMS Reset: Chrysler Town & Country 2008-2016 Tire Pressure Sensor

TPMS Reset-Chrysler Town & Country 2008-2016 Tire Pressure Sensor

Chrysler Town & Country 2008-2016 Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS Reset

Simple to follow procedure on how to reset/relearn the TPMS service maintenance indicator warning light on Chrysler Town & Country for the year 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Sensor Relearn Procedure without a Scan Tool:

1. Inflate all tires to pressure listed on the placard.

2. Turn the ignition to the ON position with the engine OFF (not the ACC position), and roll the driver’s side window down.

3. Let the vehicle sit, for 20 minutes, with the ignition ON. Turn the climate controls/NAV system OFF to limit battery drain.

4. During the 20 minutes, scan each sensor.

5. Drive the vehicle above 15 MPH for at least 20 minutes. All sensor IDs will be memorized automatically.

Sensor Relearn Procedure with a Scan Tool (If Available):

1. Inflate all tires to pressure listed on the placard.

2. Select OBD II (PERFORM RELEARN on the ELITE Tool) from your Tool’s menu.

3. Starting with the LF tire, use your Tool to scan each sensor in the following order: LF, RF, RR and LR (and the full size spare if equipped).

4. After all sensor IDs have been read, turn the ignition to the ON position with the engine OFF (not the ACC position).

5. Connect the OBD II Connector to the Tool then to the vehicle’s OBD II port. Make sure your connection is secure and the green light is on.

6. Select UPLOAD CAR IDS, from the Tool’s menu, and upload the sensor IDs.

7. When RELEARN COMPLETE / IDs UPLOADED TO CAR is displayed, the IDs have been successfully uploaded.

8. With the ignition still in the ON position, re-scan each sensor.

9. Drive the vehicle above 15 MPH, for at least 20 minutes, and monitor the low tire pressure monitor to ensue it does not blink.

About Chrysler Town & Country

Chrysler debuted the 2008 model year Town & Country went on sale on August 16, 2007 as a 2008 model. The short-wheelbase model was discontinued.

The minivans featured styling by Ralph Gilles, a six-speed automatic, a new 4.0 L V6 engine as standard on the Limited model — and a system of second row seats that swiveled to face the third row — marketed as Swivel’n Go seating. A small table, which stored in the bins below the floor, could be positioned between the two rear rows when they were facing each other. Much like its competitors, the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey, the Town & Country now featured power windows on the sliding doors and moved the gear shift from the steering column to the center console, in a higher position.

Another new feature of this generation was an available rear overhead console which featured LED map lights as well as halo ambient lighting. A new DVD system was also available, which featured dual screens for the rear passengers. SIRIUS Backseat TV was also offered, which featured three channels of children’s programming.

A version of this vehicle is sold in several export markets (Australia/South Africa/Middle East/China/Singapore/Russia) as the Chrysler Grand Voyager. In Continental Europe, it was rebadged as the Lancia Voyager from the 2011 model year and up. Before 2011 it was sold as a Chrysler. Since 1991, the model has been sold in the Philippines under the Town and Country nameplate. In the Philippine market, the powertrain options are identical to those of the European Grand Voyager with a 2.8 L turbodiesel I4 as standard and an optional gasoline V6 (initially the 3.8 L “EGH”, later upgraded to the 3.8 L “Pentastar). Both engines were mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Production at the St. Louis plant ended in late 2008 in a bid to save money, but continued at Windsor Assembly in Ontario, Canada. (Source Wiki)

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