Smart TPMS Reset

Smart TPMS Reset

Smart TPMS Reset

Smart TPMS Reset Tutorial

A tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is a computerized system that monitors the air pressure inside pneumatic tires on various types of vehicles. A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) provides real-time tire pressure information to the driver of the vehicle via a gauge, a pictogram display, or a simple low-pressure warning light.

A Smart vehicle is provided with a simple tutorial on how to reset the TPMS service maintenance indicator warning light. The following is the Smart vehicle model:

  • Smart Fortwo



About Smart

Smart (stylized as smart) is a German automotive brand and division of Daimler AG. The marque is based in Böblingen, Germany. It produces microcars and subcompacts, primarily the Fortwo and Forfour. The primary assembly plant is the Smartville in Hambach, France. Renault-owned Revoz, based in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, has also assembled Smart vehicles. Smart is marketed in 46 countries around the world, and production of the Fortwo had surpassed 1.7 million units by early 2015.

The name Smart derives from the cooperation of the Swiss company Swatch with Mercedes-Benz: “Swatch Mercedes ART”. In its branding, the company lowercases its logotype and the logo incorporating a “c” and an arrow for the car’s “cute” “compact” and “forward thinking” styling respectively.

The design concept for the marque’s automobiles began at Mercedes-Benz in the early-1970s to late-1980s. After brief backing by Volkswagen, the first model was released by Daimler-Benz in October 1998. Several variants on the original design have been introduced, with the original being the “Fortwo”.

In March 2019, Geely and Daimler AG announced the creation of an equally owned global joint venture called the Smart Automobile Co., Ltd., aimed at producing Smart-badged cars in China to be marketed globally.

In late 1982, “SMH” (makers of the Swatch brand of watches) CEO Nicolas Hayek began developing an idea for a new car using the same type of manufacturing strategies and personalization features used to popularize Swatch watches. He believed that the automotive industry had ignored a sector of potential customers who wanted a small and stylish compact city car. This idea soon became known as the “Swatchmobile”. Hayek’s private company Hayek Engineering AG began designing the new car for SMH, with seating for two and a hybrid drivetrain.

While design of the car was proceeding, Hayek feared existing manufacturers would feel threatened by the Swatchmobile. Thus, rather than directly competing, he preferred to cooperate with another company in the automotive industry. This would also relieve SMH of the cost burden in setting up a distribution network. Hayek approached several automotive manufacturers and on 3 July 1991, he reached an agreement with Volkswagen to share development of the new project.

By 1993, Ferdinand Piëch had become CEO of Volkswagen and he immediately sought to terminate the project with SMH. Volkswagen had already been working on their own “three-litre car”: a car which would consume three litres of fuel per 100 kilometre of driving (the eventual Volkswagen Lupo 3L). Volkswagen’s own concept was believed to be a better business proposition, featuring four seats and more cargo room. (Source Wiki)

TPMS Reset- Smart Fortwo 2008-2015 Tire Pressure Sensor

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