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Key Programming Toyota Corolla 2003-2008

Toyota Corolla 2003-2008 Key Programming Procedure


The following are the key programming procedures for Toyota Corolla for the year 2003 to 2008.


1. Start with key out of ignition, driver’s door is open all others closed and driver’s door unlocked.

2. Perform these steps within 5 seconds.
a. Insert key into the ignition (Do NOT Turn). Pull key out.
b. Insert key into the ignition (Do NOT Turn). Pull key out.

3. Perform these steps within 40 seconds.

a. Close, then open the driver’s door.
b. Close, then open the driver’s door.
c. Insert the key into the ignition (Do NOT Turn). Pull key out.

4. Perform these steps within 40 seconds.

a. Close, then open the driver’s door.
b. Close, then open the driver’s door
c. Insert the key into ignition and leave it in ignition.
d. Close the driver’s door.
e. Turn ignition to ON (Do NOT Start) then back to OFF.
f. Remove the key from the ignition.

5. Within 3 seconds the power door locks should cycle automatically indicating successful entry into programming mode. Return to step 1 if the locks do not cycle at this point.

6. Perform these steps within 40 seconds.

a. Press the lock and unlock buttons on the remote simultaneously for 1.5 seconds.
b. Immediately after letting go of the lock and unlock buttons, press the lock button itself and hold for 2 seconds. Within 3 seconds, the door locks should cycle once indicating successful programming. If the door locks cycle twice, repeat steps A and B in step 6 as the remote has not been accepted.

c. Repeat steps A and B in step 6 for each new remote.

7. Open driver’s door.




About Toyota Corolla


In the realm of tiny cars, style is becoming increasingly bold. Consider the Honda Civic’s futuristic front end and Dodge’s Caliber’s burly design. The Corolla lacks the chutzpah of these automobiles, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your preferences. (The Corolla is set for a facelift in the coming years, and if the redesign of Toyota’s 2007 Camry is any indication, it will have a more unique look.) Regardless, closing the doors on the Corolla produces a reassuring “thunk” that indicates a premium — rather than an economic — vehicle.

All models come standard with 15-inch steel wheels, although LE models can opt for 15-inch alloy wheels, and the Corolla S can opt for 15- or 16-inch alloy wheels. For the S, a spoiler is optional.

The majority of my time driving the Corolla was spent on Chicago’s streets and freeways. With these routes’ constant congestion, it didn’t take long to realize how capable this car is in heavy traffic.

The Corolla is quite nimble, despite the fact that the stiff suspension does little to filter out bumps and potholes. On the highway, the ride becomes rough, with a lot of up and down suspension motions, but body roll is successfully controlled when cornering. Stabilizer bars are standard on both the front and rear of the vehicle.

With the demise of the high-output XRS, the only engine available for the 2007 Corolla is a 1.8-liter four-cylinder producing 126 horsepower and 122 pounds-feet of torque. A five-speed manual transmission is standard, with a four-speed automatic transmission available as an option. For manual versions, the EPA estimates 32/41 mpg (city/highway); for automatic models, the ratings drop to 30/38.

While the Corolla’s engine produces substantially less power than many of the competition, it gives perfectly adequate performance on city and suburban roads. The engine’s weak power ratings limit the Corolla’s performance solely on the highway; the automatic-transmission Corolla I drove only had a small amount of power for quick passing. When pressed, the smooth-shifting automatic responds fast, although the act generates a large amount of engine noise as the four-cylinder revs up.

The front disc and rear drum brakes on Corollas provide linear stopping performance. Optional antilock brakes are available.

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