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Key Programming Toyota Camry 2010-2011

Toyota Camry 2010-2011 Key Programming Procedure





The following are the key programming procedures for Toyota Camry for the year 2010 and 2011.





1. Start with the key out of the ignition, driver’s door is open, all other doors and trunk closed and driver’s door is unlocked.

2. Perform these steps within 5 seconds. A. Insert the key into the ignition (Do NOT Turn it) and Pull key out. B. Insert the key into the ignition (Do NOT Turn it) and Pull key out.

3. Perform these steps within 40 seconds. A. Close then open the driver’s door. B. Close then open the driver’s door. C. Insert the key into the ignition (Do NOT Turn it) and Pull key out.

4. Perform these steps within 40 seconds. A. Close then open the driver’s door. B. Close then open thedriver’s door. C. Insert the key into ignition and leave it in the ignition. D. Close the driver’s door. E. Turn the ignition to ON (Do NOT Start or crank engine) then back to OFF. F. Remove the key from the ignition.

5. Within 3 seconds, the power door locks should lock then unlock automatically indicating successful entry into programming mode. Return to step 1 if the door locks do not cycle at this point.

6. Perform these steps within 40 seconds. A. Press the lock and unlock buttons on the remote simultaneously for 1.5 seconds. B. Immediately after letting go of the lock and unlock buttons, Press the lock button by itself and hold for 2 seconds. Within 3 seconds, the door locks should lock and then unlock once indicating successful programming. If the door locks cycle twice, repeat steps A and B in step 6 as the remote was not accepted. C. Repeat steps A and B in step 6 for each new remote.

7. Open driver’s door. Test all remotes. Programming is complete.





About Toyota Camry

The 2011 Toyota Camry has four open safety recalls. One recall addresses a potential short caused by faulty wiring in the heated seats, which could increase the risk of a fire. Another recall involves Camry models built with a loosened ball joint, which could lead to a loss of vehicle control. Toyota also fixed a problem with the front-passenger air bags not deploying properly or at all. In addition, models sold with incorrect or missing load carrying capacity labels may be eligible for new labels as part of a recall. Before purchasing a 2010 Camry, check with a Toyota dealer to see if these recalls have been addressed.

The Toyota Camry 2011 is available in four trim levels: base, LE, SE, and XLE. The base Camry has a good set of features for most drivers. Cloth upholstery, a tilt and telescopic steering wheel, a six-speaker audio system, auxiliary ports, and daytime running lights are all standard features.

If you want more features, skip the LE trim (which adds only keyless entry and a power-adjustable driver’s seat) and go for the SE or XLE. The SE trim differs in interior and exterior styling, as well as an upgraded suspension system and aluminum alloy wheels. Bluetooth, a moonroof, dual-zone automatic climate control, and power-adjustable front seats are standard on the top-tier XLE trim. Bluetooth standards have evolved over time, so make sure your smartphone can connect to the system before purchasing a Bluetooth-enabled model.

The 2011 Toyota Camry received the highest rating of Good from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in three crash tests, but it also received the second-lowest rating of Marginal for head restraints and seats. The 2011 Camry received a four-star overall rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, with three stars in frontal crash tests and four stars in side and rollover tests.


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