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Key Programming Chrysler PT Cruiser 2004-2006

Chrysler PT Cruiser 2004-2006 Key Programming Procedure

The following are the key programming procedures for Chrysler PT Cruiser for the year 2004, 2005 and 2006


ADD KEY (Must have two working Sentry Keys):

1. Put one of the two current keys into the ignition and turn to the ON position.

2. After the key has been in the ON position for at least three seconds — but no more than 15 seconds — turn the key back to the OFF position.

3. Take the key out and put in the second current key, turning it to the ON position, all within 15 seconds. The second key cannot be the same as the first key.

4. After ten seconds, a theft alarm light will illuminate and a single chime will sound. This confirms entry into “Customer Programming Mode”.

5. Within 60 seconds, turn key OFF and remove the current key.

6. Put a new key into the ignition and turn to the ON position.

7. After ten seconds, a single chime will sound. The theft alarm light will turn off. Wait three seconds and turn key OFF.

8. Repeat these steps for additional keys.

About Chrysler PT Cruiser

The PT Cruiser GT (also known as the GT Cruiser) is a turbocharged hot hatch variation of the PT Cruiser that was first released in 2003. Stronger crankcase webbing, a thicker deck with 11 mm head bolts (vs 10 mm), an oil drain back for the turbo, a cast aluminum structural oil pan, a higher capacity oil pump, a crankshaft made of higher hardness steel, improved machining of bearing journals, oil squirters (to cool the underside of the pistons), eutectic aluminum alloy pistons made specifically by Mahle, and forged connecting rods with cracked caps and 9 mm.

Turbo engines have a different cylinder head than conventionally aspirated engines. Both the PT Cruiser GT and the Dodge Neon SRT-4 used the turbo version, which included larger valves and seats, Inconel exhaust valves, enhanced cooling, larger oil drain back passageways, and altered camshafts. The intake manifold, turbocharger plumbing, and intercooler are all different on the PT Cruiser Turbo engine package than on the SRT-4. The manufacturer offered upgrades such as MOPAR Stage 1 and associated turbo components. Many of the SRT-4’s performance parts are interchangeable with the PT Cruiser GT.

Factory Flame package — Starting with 2002 models, flame-inspired vinyl decals in a ‘tone-on-tone’ style were applied to the hood, front fenders, and front doors. On automobiles painted red, fading orange-to-red flames, fading blue to cranberry flames, a dark silver that fades into bright silver on bright silver paint, and fading deep magenta to black flames accentuated with a blue border on black cars are the four flame designs.

The faux wood paneling on the sides of the vehicle and on the rear hatch were available on all Chrysler PT Cruiser models from 2002 to 2004. A linear Medium Oak woodgrain was framed with Light Ash surround moldings on the vinyl graphic. The designers were influenced by Chrysler’s wood-body tradition, which dates back to the Town & Country models.

In 2006, a Route 66 Edition was available in either Solar Yellow or Black.[22] It included Solar Yellow brake calipers, a body-color grille, solar-tinted sunscreen glass, a liftgate mounted spoiler, 17-inch all-season performance tires, four-wheel anti-lock brakes with low-speed traction control, speed control, and a sport suspension. A ‘Street Cruiser’ label with Solar Yellow highlights on the liftgate and ‘Route 66’ badges on the front doors were used for exterior identification.

In North America, 1,443 Route 66 cars were produced, with 142 of them having 5-speed manual transmissions.

Based on the 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring model, this version featured a Pacific Blue Pearl body, 4-wheel disc anti-lock brakes, bright front door sill scuff pads, front bright accent ring cupholders, silver shift knob, chrome lock knobs, chrome bodyside molding, “Street Cruiser” badge, Pacific Blue Pearl interior, Pacific Blue Pearl exterior, Pacific Blue Pearl interior, Pacific Blue Pearl exterior, Pacific Blue Pearl interior, Pacific Blue Pearl exterior, Pacific Blue Pearl interior, Pacific Blue

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