TPMS Reset-Cadillac Deville 2001-2005 Tire Pressure Sensor

TPMS Reset: Cadillac Deville 2001-2005 Tire Pressure Sensor

Cadillac Deville 2001-2005 Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS Reset


Simple to follow procedure on how to reset the TPMS service maintenance indicator warning light on Cadillac Deville for the year 2001-2005.

A relearn magnet, or another properly formatted TPMS scan tool, is required to perform this procedure.

Relearn Procedure

1. Inflate all tires to pressure listed on the placard.

2. Turn ignition to the ON/RUN position with the engine OFF.

3. Using the keyless entry (key fob), press and hold both the lock and the unlock buttons simultaneously until the horn sounds.

4. Starting with the left front tire, place the relearn magnet over valve stem until the horn sounds.

5. After the horn chirp has sounded, proceed as in step 4 for the next three sensors in the following order: RF, RR, and LR. The horn will sound after each activation. After activating the LR sensor, the horn will sound twice signifying the relearn is complete.

6. Turn the ignition switch to OFF to exit the relearn mode.


About Cadillac DeVille

The Cadillac DeVille was originally a trim level and later a separate model produced by Cadillac. The first car to bear the name was the 1949 Coupe de Ville, a pillarless two-door hardtop body style with a prestige trim level above that of the Series 62 luxury coupe. The last model to be formally known as a DeVille was the 2005 Cadillac DeVille, a full-size sedan, the largest car in the Cadillac model range at the time. The next year, the DeVille was officially renamed the Cadillac DTS. (Source Wiki)

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