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Oil Reset Procedure: Mercedes-Benz S400 2010-2013

Oil Reset Procedure Mercedes-Benz S400 2010-2013

Oil Reset Procedure for Mercedes-Benz S400 2010-2013



Easy to follow oil reset procedure for Mercedes-Benz S400 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.




Oil Reset Procedure for Mercedes-Benz S400 for the year 2010

1. Turn ignition to “POSITION 1”.

2. Press and hold “PHONE” button and within 1 second press “OK” and hold both buttons for 5 seconds, shop menu will be displayed.

3. Press down arrow repeatedly until “ASSYST PLUS” is highlighted, press “OK” to confirm.

4. Press down arrow until “SERVICE PERFORMED” is highlighted, press “OK” to confirm.

5. Press down arrow repeatedly until “DUE SERVICES” is highlighted, press “OK” to confirm.

6. Press down arrow repeatedly until “COMPLETE SERVICE” is highlighted, press “OK” to confirm.

7. Turn ignition off.


Oil Reset Procedure for Mercedes-Benz S400 for the year 2011 through 2013


2. Turn ignition to “POSITION 1”.

3. Press the down button repeatedly to bring up the kilometer/mileage display.

4. Press the left arrow button repeatedly until “TRIP” is displayed.

5. Press and hold the phone button and then within 1 second, press and hold the “OK” button.

6. Hold both for 5 seconds until “VEHICLE DATA, DYNAMOMETER TEST, CHANGE BRAKE LINING AND ASSYST PLUS” is displayed.

7. Select “ASSYST PLUS” and push “OK” button.

8. Select “FULL SERVICE” and push “OK” button. Select “CONFIRM SERV” and push “OK” button.

9. Select “OIL QUAL. 229.3” or “OIL QUAL. 229.5” and push “OK” button.

10. Select “YES” and push “OK” button.

11. Select “CONFIRMATION” and push “OK” button, “FULL SERVICE CARRIED OUT” will be displayed.

12. Press “OK” button and then press the “BACK” button repeatedly to exit the menu.

13. Turn ignition off.






Additional Mercedes-Benz S400 Oil Reset Light Procedure Information


Size (liters)





About Mercedes-Benz S400

The S450 (2008-, SWB and Canada only), S400 Hybrid (2010-), S350 Bluetec 4MATIC (2012-), S550, S600, S63 AMG, and S65 AMG are the models sold in North America; other models sold outside North America include the S280, S350, S300, S420 CDI, and S320 CDI. The S550 (called S500 outside North America) was the first W221 model released in North America and Japan.

In the United States for the 2010 model year, the S-Class received a facelift across the board in mid-2009, with the addition of a new S400 Hybrid model. Daytime LED running lights were installed on the bi-xenon lamp units’ outer edges. A total of 52 distinctively arranged LEDs in the two taillights accentuated the rear end. The body-colored strips that ran through the tail lamps are no longer present.A more pronounced arrow-shaped grille, a new front bumper with a light-catching contour, and a chrome strip below the cooling air intakes are also noticeable changes at the front of the car.

Mercedes produced a very rare S 63 AMG in 2001 with a 5 speed automatic transmission and a modified version of the M137 V12 engine (displacement increased from 5.8 to 6.3 liters, 6258 cc) producing 438 bhp (444 PS; 327 kW) at 5,500 RPM and 457 lbft (620 Nm) at 4000 RPM. In Europe and Asia, 70 examples were produced and sold.

The S 65 AMG debuted in 2003, powered by a biturbocharged 6.0 L (5,980 cc) M275 AMG V12 engine and a 5 speed automatic transmission, producing 604 bhp (612 PS; 450 kW) at 5100 RPM and 737 lbft (999 Nm) of torque at 4000 RPM. The car’s acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) was officially 4.4 seconds (0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 4.2 seconds), and its top speed was limited to 250 km/h (155 mph). (Source: Wiki)

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