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Oil Reset Procedure: Mercedes-Benz GL320 2007-2009

Oil Reset Procedure Mercedes-Benz GL320 2007-2009

Oil Reset Procedure for Mercedes-Benz GL320 2007-2009



Simple to follow oil reset procedure for Mercedes-Benz GL320 for the year 2007, 2008 and 2009.




Oil Reset Procedure for Mercedes-Benz GL320 for the year 2007 through 2009

1. Turn ignition to “POSITION 1”.

2. Press the system selection button repeatedly until odometer or temperature reading is displayed.

3. Press the “TRIP” button quickly 3 times, a sound will be heard and battery voltage will be displayed.

4. Press the forward/ back button to highlight “SERVICE MENU”.

5. Use the “+/-” buttons to select “CONFIRMATION” and press the system selection button to confirm.

6. “COMPLETE SERVICE” is now highlighted, press the system selection button to confirm, “SERVICE CONFIRMED” will be displayed.

7. Use the forward/back button to exit the menu.

8. Turn ignition off.


This Oil Light Reset, along with the special notes that accompany it, is applicable to models of the GL320 manufactured between the years 2007 and 2009. It has a capacity of 9 quarts with the filter and an engine size of 3.0 liters that runs on diesel with a viscosity of 5W-30.




About Mercedes-Benz GL320

Words and phrases that are considered to be hot buttons, such as “full-size SUV” and “premium luxury,” are often considered to be fighting words by people who are cut from a greener cloth. But new developments in clean diesel technology are making even the largest and most gas-hungry utility companies more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient: as an illustration, the Mercedes-Benz GL320 CDI from the year 2008. This V6 turbocharged diesel SUV has a rating of 18 city miles per gallon and 24 highway miles per gallon from the government for its fuel economy. This is about a 30% improvement over the gasoline-powered V8 in the GL450. During our driving in the real world, we were able to achieve a remarkable 23.8 miles per gallon. Its Energy Impact Score of 19.7 barrels of oil consumed annually is still high, but it has significantly improved over the previous year.

However, despite the fact that the 2008 GL320 CDI produces a great deal fewer nitrogen oxides that contribute to the formation of smog than older light duty diesels, it is still not clean enough to meet the standards that are in place in California and the Northeast. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz will introduce BlueTec variants of the GL-, ML-, and R-Class SUVs toward the end of this year. The urea-injection technology that Blue Tec is developing will take clean diesel technology to the next level and will be legal in all fifty states.

The powertrain of the Mercedes-Benz GL CDI consists of the company’s third generation common-rail direct injection turbocharged 3.0-liter diesel V6. It has a range of more than 600 miles. It produces 215 horsepower and an impressive 398 pound-feet of torque, making it suitable for use in a truck. It still has the same towing capacity of 7,500 pounds despite having more low-end power than the gas V8 found in the 450. The 320 utilizes the same 7-speed automatic transmission that is found in the 450.

The seamless 4MATIC single-speed all-wheel-drive system with four-wheel traction control is another component that remains the same. Along with Hill-Start Assist and Downhill Speed Regulation, this feature contributes to the vehicle’s all-terrain capability. The 0 to 60 mph dash was completed in 8.1 seconds, and the quarter-mile was completed in 16.3 seconds at an average speed of 85 miles per hour. Both of these results are inferior to the 450 that we evaluated a year ago, but they are still superior to the norm for full-size SUVs. The 320’s diesel engine has a strong initial surge of torque when it is first started. (Source: Motor Week)

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