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Oil Reset Procedure: Mercedes-Benz C400 2015

Oil Reset Procedure Mercedes-Benz C400 2015

Oil Reset Procedure for Mercedes-Benz C400 2015



Easy to follow oil reset procedure for Mercedes-Benz C400 for the year 2015.



Oil Reset Procedure for Mercedes-Benz C400 for the year 2015


2. Turn ignition to “POSITION 1”.

3. Press the system selection button repeatedly until “TRIP” is displayed.

4. Within 5 seconds, press the “OK” button.

5. Press and hold the “PHONE” button and then within 1 second press and hold the “OK” button. “VEHICLE DATA, DYNAMOMETER TEST, CHANGE BRAKE LINING, ASSYST PLUS AND HEAD-UP DISPLAY” will be displayed.

6. Press the down arrow repeatedly until “ASSYST PLUS” is highlighted and push the “OK” button.

7. Press the down arrow until “FULL SERVICE” is highlighted and press “OK” button.

8. Press the down arrow until “CONFIRM SERV” is highlighted and press “OK” button.

9. Press the up arrow to, specify engine oil used and press “OK” button.

10. Press the down arrow until “YES” is highlighted and press “OK” button.

11. Press down arrow until “CONFIRM” is highlighted and press the “OK” button. “FULL SERVICE COMPLETED” will be displayed.

12. Press the “BACK” button until standard display is displayed.

13. Turn ignition off.



About Mercedes-Benz C400

When it comes to the performance of your Mercedes-Benz C400, the way you drive and maintain your vehicle makes all the difference in the world. Your C400 has a good chance of reaching 200,000 miles or more as long as you practice preventative maintenance on it. You’ve decided that caring for your car is important to you, but you’re not sure when specific services should be performed. You don’t have to sit around and wait for a problem to develop with your C400; instead, you can get ahead of problems before they even start.

Mercedes-Benz, the company that manufactured your vehicle, is the one responsible for developing the maintenance schedule that is recommended. However, recommended maintenance typically includes services such as tire rotations, vital fluid checks and exchanges, filter changes, brake pad replacement, and oil changes. Driving conditions, climate variations, and other factors can affect which scheduled maintenance services you’ll need. Maintaining a consistent schedule for routine maintenance appointments can improve the overall performance of your C400, lower the risk of potentially life-threatening breakdowns while you’re driving, and help you avoid common issues with the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C400.

The C400, which has a starting price of $49,515, is the first model of the new C-class to use the 329-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 engine. Mercedes plans to use this engine in a variety of other upcoming vehicles to provide the power of a V-8 with fewer liters of displacement. Forget the 400 designation; this engine has 2996 cubic centimeters, and until the boost kicks in, it feels every bit like it’s running on two cylinders only. Benz’s engineers have done everything they can to shorten the wait, but it is still possible to catch the engine napping in awkward situations, such as when diving into a lane of fast-moving traffic. For example, Benz’s engineers have done everything they can to shorten the wait.

After the pressure has been brought up, the C400 emits a distant, gradually increasing rumble that sounds like precision parts engaged in a frantic state of motion. It is possible to detect the presence of spinning turbines by a faint wheeze, but this sound is much more endearing than annoying. And the wee six makes small numbers out of the 60-mph run, clocking in at a strong 4.7 seconds. We were also impressed by the other numbers, such as the quarter-mile time of 13.3 seconds and the fade-free stopping distance of 160 feet. This heavy C is working hard.

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