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Oil Reset Procedure: Infiniti M37 2008-2013

Oil Reset Procedure Infiniti M37 2008-2013

Oil Reset Procedure for Infiniti M37 2008-2013




Easy to follow oil reset procedure for Infiniti M37 for the year 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.



Infiniti M37 oil reset procedure for the year 2008 through 2013


With Cluster Display:

1. Turn on the ignition without starting the engine

If your vehicle has the keyless starting system, press the ENGINE START STOP button two times without depressing the brake pedal

2. Go to SETTINGS mode by pressing the ❏ button repeatedly

3. In the setting mode screen press the ⚈ button to move to MAINTENANCE menu
Press the ❏ button to select the menu

4. Select OIL
Use the ⚈ button to highlight and the ❏ button to select

5. Select RESET
You can select reset or set the distance for service interval on this menu

6. Press the ⚈ button to reset and then press ❏ button to confirm
Repeat this guide if the OIL FILTER is needed to reset.


With Audio Display:

1. Turn on the ignition without starting the engine

2. Press the INFO button to display information menu

3. Scroll to MAINTENANCE menu by using navigation button and then press ENTER button to select


5. Select the INTERVAL to set the maintenance at a specific interval, or select RESET DISTANCE to reset the interval


Infiniti M37 oil reset procedure for the year 2011 through 2013


1. Turn ignition on without starting engine (press “START/STOP” button once).

2. Press the “INFO” button and select “MAINTENANCE”.

3. Select “ENGINE OIL” and then select “RESET”.

4. Press the “BACK” button.

5. Select “OIL FILTER” and then select “RESET”.

6. Press the “BACK” button until you return to the main menu.

7. Turn ignition off.

Trip Menu:

1. Turn ignition on without starting engine (press “START/STOP” button once).

2. Press the sqare button repeatedly to select “SETTING” menu.

3. Press the circle button to select.

4. Use the square button to select “OIL”.

5. Follow the promts to reset.

6. Repeat for “FILTER”.

7. Select “BACK” to exit to main menu. Turn ignition off.




About Infiniti M37

Midsize luxury (executive) vehicles come in the form of the Infiniti M lineup, which is produced by the Infiniti luxury division of Nissan. It was rebranded as the Infiniti Q70 beginning in 2013 (for the model year 2014), in accordance with the revised naming conventions of the manufacturer.

The first generation of the vehicle was known as the M30 Coupé and Convertible, but it was actually a rebranded JDM Nissan Leopard. After a considerable amount of time had passed, the M nameplate was resurrected for use on Infiniti’s entry-level luxury sedans (executive cars). First came the short-lived M45 sedan, which was actually a rebadged version of the Nissan Gloria with Japanese-market specifications. The M35/45 and M37/56/35h/30d models are the next generations of the Infiniti brand and are based on the JDM Nissan Fuga. These models became the flagship for the Infiniti brand.

The M37 and the M56 will each come with an all-wheel drive option, which will be indicated by the suffix “x” in the model name. This option will also be available.

One of the available safety features was called Lane Departure Prevention, and it consisted of a small camera that was mounted above the rearview mirror. This camera measured the distance between the vehicle and the lane markers, and it would then gently apply selected brakes in order to guide the vehicle into the correct lane. It made it possible to switch lanes without any obstruction when the turn signal was activated and gave the driver complete control at all times.

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