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Oil Reset Procedure: Ford E-150 2009-2015

Oil Reset Procedure Ford E-150 2009-2015

Oil Reset Procedure for Ford E-150 1992-2015


Simple to follow oil reset procedure for Ford E-150 for the year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Ford E-150 oil reset procedure for the year 2009 through 2011.

1. Press and release the SELECT/RESET button to scroll through the menus until “Hold Reset For Setup Menu” appears.

2. Press and hold the SELECT/RESET button for 2 seconds or until the “Oil Life XXX% Hold Reset = New” message appears and then release.

3. Press and hold the SELECT/RESET button for 2 seconds again or until “Oil Life Set To 100%” appears.

4. Release the button and the oil life is now reset.

Ford E-150 oil reset procedure for the year 2009 through 2014.

1. Turn ignition to the “RUN” position.

2. Press the “SELECT/RESET” stem button to display “OIL LIFE = % HOLD RESET = NEW”.

3. Press and hold the “SELECT/RESET” stem for 2 seconds to reset to 100%.

4. Turn ignition off.

Ford E-150 oil reset procedure for the year 2012 through 2015.

1. Use the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to scroll to the Settings menu and press the RIGHT arrow to enter the submenu.

2. Scroll to the Vehicle menu and press the RIGHT arrow.

3. Scroll to the Oil Life Reset menu and press the OK button.



About Ford E-150

The Ford E-Series is a range of full-size vans that are manufactured and marketed by the Ford Motor Company. These vans are also known as the Ford Econoline and the Ford Club Wagon. The Ford E-Series line is currently in its fourth generation since it was initially released for the model year 1961 as the replacement for the Ford F-Series panel van.

The E-Series was designed to be a van that could be used for transporting either cargo or passengers, as well as a cutaway van chassis and a stripped chassis, and it was manufactured in a number of different configurations for sale in retail and commercial settings (a chassis without bodywork). As of the 2015 model year, only the latter two designs are available, as the Ford Transit has taken the place of the E-Series vans in Ford’s lineup of commercial vehicles. Between the years 1980 and 2014, the E-Series van was the full-sized van that was purchased the most frequently in the United States.

The model line entered its 60th year of production in 2021, placing it in second place within Ford Motor Company in terms of longevity, behind only the Ford F-Series, which has been in production continuously since 1948. Ford’s Ohio Assembly facility in Avon Lake, Ohio, which has been producing the E-Series model line since 1975, is where the company assembles the vehicles for the E-Series. Between the years 1961 and 2005, the model line was put together at the Lorain Assembly, which was located in Lorain, Ohio.

The fourth-generation model line went through several iterations of its names while it was being manufactured. As was the case with the generation before it, the Econoline was offered for sale as both a cargo van and as a passenger van (called the Econoline Wagon), in contrast to the Ford Club Wagon, which was only available in the passenger van configuration. The luxury-oriented Chateau trim line of the Club Wagon, which had been discontinued since 1989, was brought back for the 1992 model year and placed above the XLT trim. Motor Trend proclaimed the Club Wagon Chateau to be their Truck of the Year for the 1992 model year. The Chateau was discontinued for the 2001 model year and was succeeded by the E-150 Traveler. The Chateau was discontinued after just one model year due to poor sales.

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