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KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Toyota Sienna 2004-2010

KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure-Toyota Sienna 2004-2010

Toyota Sienna 2004-2010 KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry Programming Procedure



How to Program Toyota Sienna KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry for the year 2004 and 2010.

Programming Procedure

  1. First, close all doors
  2. Insert master Toyota key in and out of ignition cylinder 4 times. On the 5th time leave the master key in the ignition cylinder
  3. Open and close driver’s side door 6 times
  4. Remove master key from ignition cylinder.
  5. Verify that security light on the information display is solid, indicating that the car successfully entered programming mode
  6. Insert new chip key
  7. Watch security light blinking for about 60 seconds
  8. When security light goes out, your new key is successfully programmed
  9. Remove new key from the ignition cylinder
  10. And finally, verify that your new key is able to deactivate anti-theft system: security indicator light on the information display should disappear when inserting properly programmed key into ignition cylinder
  11. If it didn’t work, repeat the same steps from the beginning


About Toyota Sienna

The redesigned 2011 Sienna premiered at the Los Angeles Auto Show in early December 2009. It was designed at Calty studios and engineered at Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. The new Sienna arrived at dealers in February 2010. In November 2011, it was exported to South Korea, making it the first Toyota minivan sold in Korea.

The Sienna is offered in five trim levels, the Sienna base grade, LE, XLE, Limited and for the first time the SE trim. The new SE offers revised bodywork, clear tail lamps, 19-inch (480 mm) wheels, firmer suspension and revised steering tuning for a sportier ride. All-wheel-drive is only available with the V6 engine on the LE, XLE and Limited model trims. Described by AOL Autos as slipping a sports car in a minivan, Chief Engineer Kazuo Mori (an avid autocrosser) reportedly had to overcome opposition to get the SE equipment package included in the line-up. (Source Wiki)

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