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KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Peugeot 306 1993-2001

KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure-Peugeot 306 1993-2001

Peugeot 306 2001 KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry Programming Procedure



How to Program Peugeot 306 KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry for the year 1993, 1997 and 2001.


Re-initializing Procedure

Note. If battery is replaced inside key fob or if key fob buttons are operated repeatedly whilst vehicle is out of range and central locking / alarm system becomes inoperative, carry out the following reinitializing procedure.


  • Switch the ignition to the “ON” position
  • Press and hold the “Lock” button on the key fob for 10 seconds.


KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Peugeot 306 2001


  • Release the lock button63
  • Switch the ignition to the “OFF” position
  • Wait for approximately 5 seconds
  • Key fob is re-initialized.
  • Repeat above procedure to re-initialize any remaining key fobs.
  • Confirm operation of key fob by locking and unlocking vehicle using key fob buttons.



About Peugeot 306

The car took the Danish Touringcar Championship in 1999, 2000 and 2001, and the Asian Touring Car Series title in 2000, 2001 and 2002.

The Peugeot 306 GTi was a common car in the BTCC from 2000 to 2003. In 2000, the entry of one 306 GTi was that of Alan Morrison driving for Vic Lee Racing in Class B, which was made up of smaller and slower cars. He finished first in class (12th overall) in the first race at Brands Hatch. Morrison gained a lead over James Kaye. By the end of the season, he had 13 wins in his class and that had just given him the win with the 306 with 264 points, just 4 points ahead of Kaye with 260 points. Other entries included Will Hoy, Lee Linford, Toni Ruokonen and Dan Eaves. The other 306 drivers for the team: Hoy, Linford, Ruokonen and Eaves, all scored points. Ruokonen and Eaves both scored podium finishes. (Source Wiki)

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