KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Ford Cougar 1998-2001

Ford Cougar 1998-2001 KeyFob Remote Keyless Entry Programming Procedure


Programming Procedure

Note. If the central locking / alarm system is malfunctioning or a replacement key fob is obtained. The following programming procedure is required to be carried out before the key fob will operate correctly.


  • Close all doors
  • Switch the ignition “ON” 4 times within 6 seconds
  • Switch the ignition “OFF”
  • Programming mode activated for approximately 10 seconds:
    o Press and release any button on the key fob

KeyFob RKE Programming Procedure: Ford Mondeo 1993-1996


    • An audible warning will sound and the system Alarm LED will flash to indicate successful programming


  • After the first key has been programmed, the 10 seconds programming mode automatically starts again for the next key
  • Repeat above procedure to re-program any remaining key fobs.
  • To exit programming mode: Switch ignition “ON” or wait 10 seconds
  • Confirm operation of key fobs by locking and unlocking vehicle using key fob buttons.


Note. A maximum of 4 key fobs can be programmed to the vehicle.


About Ford Cougar

In England, Ford unveiled the car in July 1998, at the English Grand Prix, Silverstone. The television advertisements featured the silver model driven by Dennis Hopper due to his appearance in the film Easy Rider. At the same time, Steppenwolf’s song from 1968, “Born To Be Wild” played, as this was featured in the film and the same scene the advertisement recreated.

The Cougar was retired from the European market in August 2002, after its withdrawal from Britain, in February 2001. After the first two years of production, only 12,000 units reportedly had been sold in the United Kingdom. Released in Australia in October 1999, the Cougar only came with the 2.5 L 24-valve Duratec V6, and continued until March 2004. (Source Wiki)

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