Key Programming: Lincoln MKT 2010-2014

Key Programming Lincoln MKT 2010-2014

Lincoln MKT 2010-2014 Key Programming Procedure

The following are the key programming procedures for Lincoln MKT for the year 2010 and 2014.



A maximum of four intelligent access keys can be programmed to your vehicle. If you would like to replace a previously programmed access key with a new access key, or if you already have four access keys programmed to your vehicle, you must take your vehicle and all access keys to your authorized dealer to be erased and reprogrammed.


You must have two previously programmed intelligent access keys inside the vehicle and the new un-programmed intelligent access keys readily accessible. If two previously programmed keys are not available, you must take your vehicle to your authorized dealer to have the spare key(s)

Ensure that the vehicle is off before beginning this procedure. Ensure that all doors are closed before beginning this procedure and that all doors remain closed throughout the procedure. Perform this procedure exactly as described below, and perform all steps within 30 seconds of starting the sequence. If any steps are performed out of sequence, stop and wait at least one minute before starting again.

Please read and understand the entire procedure before you begin.

1. Place the new un-programmed intelligent access key in the pocket inside the center console utility compartment.

2. Press the driver or passenger power door unlock control three times.

3. Press and release the brake pedal one time.

4. Press the driver or passenger power door lock control three times.

5. Press and release the brake pedal one time. The indicator on the Start/Stop button should begin to rapidly flash, indicating that the programming mode has been entered and two programmed intelligent access keys have been detected in the vehicle.

6. Within one minute, press the start/stop button. A message will be displayed on the message center indicating that the new Intelligent Access Key was programmed. If four intelligent access keys have already been programmed to your vehicle, you cannot program anymore and the message. MAX # OF KEYS LEARNED will be displayed on the message center.

7. Remove Intelligent Access Key from utility compartment pocket and press the unlock or lock control on the newly programmed intelligent access keys to exit programming mode.

8. Verify that the remote entry functions operate (lock, unlock) and that the vehicle starts with new Intelligent Access Key.

If the Intelligent Access Key has been successfully programmed, it can be used to activate the Intelligent Access with Push Button Start feature and can be used to start your vehicle.



About Lincoln MKT

The seven-passenger 2014 Lincoln MKT does a lot of things right thanks to good genes. The Lincoln MKT is based on the highly rated Ford Flex and shares many of its characteristics. These include strong overall performance, comfortable seats, and a well-built interior with an appealing assortment of high-tech gadgets. Given that the MKT is the Ford’s uptown cousin, you’d expect it to be even better – and it certainly has a more opulent interior. However, when compared to the box-shaped Ford, this more styled Lincoln crossover falls a bit short in terms of utility.

First, the good news. The interior of the Lincoln has a sophisticated design, high-quality materials, and ample of sound insulation to ensure a relaxing ride on lengthy road journeys. Even the standard MKT is well-equipped in terms of luxury and convenience amenities, and options include automated parallel-parking help, heated and ventilated second-row seats, and a lane-departure warning/avoidance system. The MKT also has a confident demeanor on the highway, and it’s quite speedy when coupled with the available 365-horsepower turbocharged V6 engine.

However, the swept-back roof line and sloping rear window of the 2014 Lincoln MKT translate to reduced interior volume when compared to both the boxy Flex and most other three-row luxury crossovers. As a result, there is less room in the third row for freight and passengers. Another complaint is the MyLincoln Touch electronics interface (similar to the MyFord Touch system in the Flex): it looks nice, but the sluggish reaction from the touch-activated controls makes it difficult to use.

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