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Key Programming Ford Focus 2012-2014

Ford Focus 2012-2014 Key Programming Procedure



The following are the key programming procedures for Ford Focus for the year 2012 and 2014.

ADD KEY (Must have two working original keys):


A maximum of eight coded keys can be programmed to your vehicle; all eight can be IKT’s with remote entry functionality.

1. Insert the first previously programmed coded keys into the ignition.

2. Turn the ignition from off to on. Keep the ignition on for at least three seconds, but no more than 10 seconds.

3. Turn the ignition off and remove the first coded key from the ignition.

4. After 3 seconds but within ten seconds of turning the ignition off, insert the second previously coded key into the ignition.

5. Turn the ignition from off to on. Keep the ignition on for at least three seconds, but no more than 10 seconds.

6. Turn the ignition off and remove the second coded key from the ignition.

7. After three seconds but within 10 seconds of turning the ignition off and removing the previously programmed coded key, insert the new un-programmed key (new key/valet key) into the ignition.

8. Turn the ignition from off to on. Keep the ignition on for at least 6 seconds.

9. Remove the newly programmed coded key from the ignition.

10. If the key has been successfully programmed, it will start the vehicle’s engine and will operate the remote entry system (if the new key is an Integrated Keyhead Transmitter).

If the key was not successfully programmed, it will not start your vehicle’s engine and/or will not operate the remote entry features. The message center will display: NO KEY DETECTED. Wait 10 seconds and you may repeat Steps 1 through 8. If the failure repeats, bring your vehicle to your authorized dealer to have the new key(s) programmed.

To program additional new un-programmed key(s), wait 20 seconds and then repeat this procedure from Step 1.


About Ford Focus

The 2014 Ford Focus is available in both sedan and hatchback body styles. It provides a lively driving experience as well as high safety ratings. When you combine an excellent used small car with an appealing interior, you get a good used compact automobile. However, there is a problem with reliability.

The base engine of the Ford Focus is a four-cylinder with 160 horsepower. It comes standard with a five-speed manual transmission. There is a six-speed automatic transmission available. The automatic transmission has a hard time locating the proper gear at times. The Focus ST is a high-performance model with a turbocharged 252-horsepower four-cylinder engine and a six-speed manual transmission as standard. The EPA estimations range from a high of 27 mpg city and 36 mpg highway (with the base engine and six-speed automatic transmission) to 23/31 mpg city/highway (with the turbocharged engine). Both the ordinary Focus and the high-performance Focus ST feature smooth, pleasant rides and responsive handling.

The 2014 Ford Focus has cloth seats and seats five people. The front seats are comfortable, well-bolstered, and spacious enough for larger passengers. The rear seats are comfortable for adults of ordinary size. There are options for leather upholstery, heated front seats, and a power-adjustable driver’s seat. Soft-touch materials are used throughout the interior. Two complete sets of LATCH anchors and tethers are provided for the outward rear seats. A tether anchor is located in the center seat.

The Focus includes keyless entry, a CD player, and an auxiliary input jack as standard equipment. Push-button start, Ford’s Sync infotainment system with Bluetooth phone and audio streaming, and MyFord Touch with an 8-inch touch-screen display are among the available options. The Sync and MyFord Touch systems require some work to learn, but they are quite functional and become easier to use with experience.

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