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Key Programming Dodge Charger 2006-2007

Dodge Charger 2006-2007 Key Programming Procedure

The following are the key programming procedures for Dodge Charger for the year 2006 and 2007.



ADD KEY (Must have two working Sentry Keys):

1. Put one of the two current keys into the ignition and turn to the ON position.

2. After the key has been in the ON position for at least three seconds — but no more than 15 seconds — turn the key back to the OFF position.

3. Take the key out and put in the second current key, turning it to the ON position, all within 15 seconds. The second key cannot be the same as the first key.

4. After ten seconds, a theft alarm light will illuminate and a single chime will sound. This confirms entry into “Customer Programming Mode”.

5. Within 60 seconds, turn key OFF and remove the current key.

6. Put a new key into the ignition and turn to the ON position.

7. After ten seconds, a single chime will sound. The theft alarm light will turn off. Wait three seconds and turn key OFF.

8. Repeat these steps for additional keys.



About Dodge Charger

Starting in 2007, both the SXT and R/T variants of the were offered with rear-wheel and all-wheel drivetrains. The AWD system is always on, sending roughly 60% of the power to the rear wheels and 40% to the front wheels.

An update for 2009 models was made after three years of manufacturing. The “CHARGER” badging on the rear decklid was moved to the right in this generation, allowing room for “DODGE” on the left. The tail lamps have also been updated. The interiors of 2008 models had undergone minimal alterations (a new center console and switchgear changes). The BorgWarner Torque-on-Demand system, which disconnects the front axles until more traction is required, was used in the 2009 Charger AWD. This improves fuel economy slightly while maintaining the same maximum power split to the front wheels.

The 3.5L High Output engine in the Charger SE and SXT produces 250 horsepower (186 kW) and 250 lbft (339 Nm) of torque. The basic Charger in Canada features a 2.7 L V6 engine with 178 horsepower (133 kW) and 190 lbft (258 Nm) of torque. The 2.7 L V6 was also available in the United States in 2006, but solely for fleet sales. The 2.7 L engine was available with the SE package in 2007. The 3.5 L V6 was offered in the Canadian SXT model.

The 5.7 L Hemi V8 engine is used in the R/T variant. This engine was rated at 340 horsepower (254 kW) and 390 pound-feet (529 Nm) from 2006 to 2008. Variable Camshaft Timing was installed in 2009, increasing power production to 368 hp (274 kW) and torque output to 395 lbft (536 Nm).

At the 2006 Chicago Auto Show, the Dodge Charger Daytona R/T made its debut. It came with a high-output 350 horsepower (261 kW) 5.7 L (345 cu in) Hemi engine, as well as new suspension and tires. A modified front fascia with a chin spoiler and a black rear spoiler were among the visual enhancements. The Daytona R/T was retro-styled with black “Hemi” decals on the bonnet and rear fender, as well as throwback high-impact colors.

“Go man go!” (orange with black decals and spoiler (punctuation in the name is correct, as displayed on the dashboard), “top banana” (yellow with black decals and spoiler), and “tor red” (red with black decals and spoiler (punctuation in the name is correct, as displayed on the dashboard) were the 2006 Dodge Charger R/T Daytona Limited colors.

In 2007, larger 20-inch chrome-clad wheels were launched, along with two new colors: Sub Lime Green and Plum Crazy Purple. In 2008, a redesigned stripe package was adopted, and in 2009, variable camshaft timing was added, increasing horsepower to 372 hp (277 kW).



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